Spark 2.6.0 RC1 - Offline messages are not saved in transcript history


Recently I switched from Spark 2.5.8 to Spark 2.6.0 RC1 and I realized that offline messages are not saved in the transcript history, although they do appear at startup.

I tried to delete all userdata (application data/Spark), but it didn’t help.

Does anyone have similar problems with 2.6.0 RC1?

I saw a bug report (301) regarding the same issue but it was fixed in 1.1.5.

Can someone confirm this problem? Maybe a bug report should be (re-)opened.



I wasn’t able to reproduce this with the latest svn version of 2.6.0, though it shouldn’t be different in that part. But you can try the latest installer from

Thanks for the download link.

Offline messages appear in history now, unfortunately something else changed:

offline messages only appear at startup if “Bring windows to front” is selected in preferences, which for me (us) is a bad choice because you loose the focus if you are working on something else.

Is this change intentional?



For me it works fine with “Bring windows to front” disabled. Can you start with a new profile again?

I did delete \application data\Spark before installing spark via latest installer, however I also created a new user right now and I have the same problem. The offline message doesn’t pop up at startup, but it appears in transcient history -> so there is no notification at all for offline messages (if “Bring window to front” ist not selected)

Same with a brand new windows XP SP3 installation.

(I’m using german Window XP SP3 here.)

I see now. It’s another variant of an oldr (fixed) issue. SPARK-1206

provided patch, needs testing on linux/mac

seems to work fine on xp age.patch

Tested, works for me (Linux). I uploaded patch into svn