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Spark 2.6.0B2 BUG: Empty groups and missing search bar


I have tracked down a bug in 2.6.0.B2 related to users in the roster that belong to no group.


  • No user is shown as online, even if they are online.

  • The IM Gateway buttons are not showing up

  • Not all users of the rooster are shown in the offline group

  • The search ba is disappearing

How to reproduce:

-Fresh Install of OF 3.6.0a (bug shows also on 3.5.2)

-Install the user import export 2.2.1 plugin

  • Load this user:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Donald.duck password walter.ebeling@mycompany.com Walter Ebeling 1171038962547 1171038962547
  • Start 2.6.0 B2 and log on to the server as Donald.Duck with the password “password”

I would consider this a major bug in 2.6.0.b2. Beta 1 was not showing this.

Kind regards


Well, i can reroduce this. But i’m not good in this xml scheme, so i’m not sure if there is nothing wrong with that scheme. What are those askstatus, recstatus and substatus about? Are you saying this was working fine with 2.6.0 Beta 1 of Spark? I can confirm that i can normally login with such imported user with Exodus and i see online and offline users normally. This could be an issue of Spark, but i will let someone with more knowledge to confirm that and maybe file a bug ticket in JIRA.

Hi wroot

the imported user works well with 2.5.8. and 2.6.0b1 (on Windows 2000). The bug is showing on OF 3.5.2. (mySQL datebase on Linux) and 3.6.0a (embbeded database on W2K).

The XML is produced by the user invite plugin on our production system. The import on the test system is only affecting the database of OF. The XML is not the cause of the problem.

The status information is related to the presence control established on our production server. The visibility of the presence status of a user is controlled by the status in the XML. That’s all.

I have taken a look in the database. The entry groupName in the table jiveRosterGroups is empty (not a blank character) for the contact. The XML send for the server to the client looks like this (captured by the debug dialog):

We have to take a look at the XML parser of Spark.



This issue has a patch that may be included in 2.6.0 as it was send to the maintainer of Spark

Walter, do you know is there a JIRA ticket for that bug? Also, can you attach your aptch here, so i can link to it in the Spark Patches Waiting for Trunk document?

I recieved a copy of the patch, I have it within my inbox. Thanks.

Hello Winserv,

that patch is incomplete and invalid. Sorry.


Hi Wroot

there is no bug for that in Jira


Our CIO also reported this problem. Has a support ticket already been created?

Sun Solaris 10

MS Windows XP sp2

Java 1.5.0_16-b02

Spark 2.6.0 b2

OpenFire 3.5.2


a patch was submitted and should be checked into the trunk of Spark soon.


I’ve created SMACK-294 and committed a patch to the trunk which improves the handling of empty groups. But in my opinion there are still more bugs with empty groups. First of all, I think empty and no group should be handled in the same way. Which means the element should be unnecessary and ignored by the user import-export plugin. Further more spark should allow creating a new buddy with isn’t member of any group, currently you have to trick spark with a whitespace character as groupname, which generates this stupid empty groups. So I think a <item …> stanza is allowed but shouldn’t be sent anyway since it’s useless, ugly and only produces more load.

First of all thanks for your time to look into this issue.

I have stumbled across this issue because of users that were in a shared group and subsequently removed from that group. The stories goes like this: A users shares the group “Disneyland” and he recieves the contacts Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck. Now Donald is in his Roster, and belongs to the group Disnesland. If Donald is now expelled from Disneyland, the contact still stays in the Spark roster bust the server does not transport “Disneyland” in the element.

We have played with the Spark Implementation a it an decided to use a default group for contacts with empty groups.


Created OF-349 and committed a patch which ignores empty group elements.