Spark 2.6.1 RC Nightly Feedback

Using **Off The Record **(OTR) for the first time we had an initial problem getting this feature to work. The symptom was that an OTR connection was attempted, it connected then almost immediately disconnected after less that 10 seconds. What appeared to help and make the OTR connection stable for more than a brief period was to add the stunFallbackHost= to the file, that and restart Spark.

Is this stunFallbackHost setting relevant and necessary to making the OTR feature work ?

There seems to be some part of the OTR connection management that does not clear out previous OTR connection attempts, at one point the chat window was showing two spinning “trying to connect” OTR notices and 4 “connected” OTR notices.

There still appears to be some issues with file transfer, the file transfer progress bar stalls and no confirmation notification is displayed even though the file is sometimes successfully transferred. Sometimes the file does not transfer at all. However sometimes the transfer just works although there are more failures than successes. A common element is that the connected users all are using some personal VPN to the OpenFire Server as a result their PC will have at least two IP addresses.

In our department because the members are spread over different locations and time zones we regularly use a chat room for group communication. When in the chat room and you start a one to one chat with another chat room member by double click on their chat room presence the personal chat does not show the usual icons to allow screen capture etc. When you hover over the Chat window tabs the Jabber ID is different, presumably this is why the Icons are not visible because Spark has not identified that the selected contact from the chat room is possibly an established roster contact or a co-member of a group.

A possibly interesting new feature request would be file transfer between MUC room members.

Hallo AjsAjs,

thanks for testing the nighlys.

Maybe you could describe more detailled which version of the builds you used. (e.x Spark-INSTALL4J-409). There have been some fixes for OTR for mutliple notifications yesterday. It is hard for us to repdrocue the problem. Especially because you have such an special network structure. Within our network OTR seems works without bigger problems.

Me made some small changes for file transfer, but that might not fix the problem with the file transfer negotiation process which is included and controled by smack. But basically it is a smack problem.

When you double click on an contact in MUC there are no chat room buttons because that is not a normal chat room. It is a chat room that uses the conference service to communicate with the other user. As you already recognized the JID is a different one compared to a normal user 2 user chat.

I hope this is a generic nightly feedback discussion…

I am using spark_2_6_1_12434 and the right click menu does not work when I have multiple contacts selected. I use to be able to select multiple people in the roster, rt click, and, for example, choose “broadcast message” but now the menu does not work.

In addition, when I select multiple people, (shift + click or control+click) and then go to Actions>broadcast message, that doesnt work either.

I did an inline upgrade from 2.6 to this build.

Maybe not the right thread but your report was recorded as

Thank you. The report should say that there IS no context menu when you rt click on multiple contacts.

Sorry should have thought to include that detail, the tests were done by a number of people using SPARK-INSTALL4J-410, all using Win7 and the client PC had a personal VPN.

For some reason file transfer in version 354 appears to work reliably in our VPN environment, Walter posted this discussion: File Transfer issue in 2.6.0: Please test build 354.

Regarding the file transfer problem we will test the latest nightly and let you know, thank you for the information.

sry, could not reproduce. works as intended on Spark-Install4j-414.

choose mutiple users in your roster use right mouse button -> “Send broadcast to seleceted User…” or Action -> “Broadcast Message” works like a charme for me

@transfer&vpn problem:

we made some changes in file transfer. the processbar and the remaining time should now work. also the transfer should indicate when the file transfer was sucessfull on sender’s side.

working in SPARK-INSTALL4J-419. please check if it is working for you AjsAjs

Holger, regarding SPARK-INSTALL4J-419 your change appears to have made a big difference to the file transfer problem we reported. Using combinations of transfer between several people in different countries the transfer was successful, the transfer time updated as did the progress bar and confirmation notification, of particular note was that the transfer speed appears to be faster than when compared to using previous versions.

Other observation regarding file transfer:

  1. File drag and drop to the chat input textbox appears to have been lost.

  2. File copy and paste to the chat input textbox appears to have been lost.

This problem has been manifest in other versions that we have tested, not just this version.

i tested the file transfer yesterday on win xp 32bit and win 7 prof. 64bit and i could confirm that file drag&drop and file copy&paste is notworking in win 7. windows xp worked as intended. maybe you are also using win 7 and can confirm this issue!?

Correct, our last tests were with Win7 32 and 64 bit.

We did some tests with an XP client PC, these are the results:

  1. File drag and drop to the chat input textbox works.

  2. File copy and paste to the chat input textbox does not work.

i think file copy&pase in chat input only works with image files…?

You might be correct that copy and paste only worked with image files, perhaps our recollection that it worked with other files as well is wrong.

just adding my 2 cents…

in build spark_2_6_1_12491, I really don’t like the change to the login window. The font for “spark” looking goofy where before it looked more clean and modern.

just saying…

You mean new login screen with animation? Don’t like it either. Animation is not needed there and that “connected” is confusing. Spark is not yet connected and one may think it already is. And were are not Nokia

The font looks indeed wierd, no idea what I had in my mind when I selected it. I’ll change to the one from the old splash.

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Yes right. I dont like it.

Not to complain more but in build spark_2_6_1_12491 there is the Reversi game. I think this is a bad choice to add this by default. If anything, it should be listed in the available plugins but not automatically be enabled. If this is included like this in the final version, I’ll have no choice but to try to repackage the spark installer myself, removing this game. The game is NOT going to go over well in a corporate environment. We’ve already had people fired due to excessive use of Spark.

Yep, understandable and my corporate client will not include reversi and OTR for sure. We will publish Reversi via the forum in a document.

I noticed that some another games appear to be added or at least in the pipeline, e.g. battleships.

To follow the earlier question will the games be moved to plugins ?