Spark 2.6.2 exe version incorrect

The released Spark 2.6.2 exe version is incorrect on Windows. The exe reports version The Windows uninstall menu also reflects this version. The Spark application correctly reports version 2.6.2 in the about dialog.

OS: Win 7 x64

Also, I’m not sure what relationship Spark has with Jive Software anymore but the exe and uninstall menu also report that the copyright belongs to and publisher is Jive Software. Should that be Ignite Realtime instead?

It’s Apache Licence and owner Jive Software.

The problem is that 2.6.2 was released in a hurry and installer wasn’t properly tagged before the release. So it contains a version umber of the 2.6.1 release. It should be, last 5 digits is an actual build number. About dialog only shows a version number, without a build number. I don’t mind it to show a build number in the Add/Remove window. Sometimes it is useful to know the exact build number to find out what changes were made in this build. But i think we need some kind of “Doing a Release Manual” for our devs with steps what has to be done, before actually putting the installers on to the Downloads page. Incorrect version number can be confusing for users and of course for admins managing software instalallations remotely.

Speaking about the publisher i think this should be changed to Ignite Realtime. Jive is owning this site, but i don’t think they still want to be related to Spark/Openfire. Especially when Spark has been rebuilt almost from the ground. Again, many our users don’t know what part Jive has played in these projects and it is confusing for them to see unknown name in the publisher information. Maybe they can even think that they got the wrong or compromised installer.

I agree that the build number can be very helpful. However, with that said I think in this case the product description should not include the build number as that’s what users are familiar with (that’s the version number they download from the web and the version number they see in the application about dialog). At least in Win 7 (I haven’t checked prior versions of Windows) there is a separate column in the add/remove dialog that displays the full version number including the build number. It seems that is the appropriate place for a version number that includes the build number. Also if you select an individual item you can see more details about the product.

Regarding the publisher, I can’t say I’m intimately familiar with the Ignite Realtime/Jive relationship but wroot’s comments regarding this line up with my understanding of the relationship.

Well, it would have been correct to name the installer 2.6.2. This was a missed during the rush and is corrected in build 456. We may want to exchange the one on the web site against a the latest build for windows.

wroot can you confirm a correct Spark version on Win7 for build 456? We do not have Win7 test machines.

With respect to Jive/Ignite we will have to ask Jive wether they waive their licence statement. Openfire and Spark have them named in the licence.html.

From the legal point of view we have a real organisation granting the licence that would also be adressed by someone who feels the need to adress an issue with Spark (e.g. licence issues). igniterealtime is no legal person and hence not a good publisher.

12456? But the latest build is 12539 (and even 2.6.1 had 12532). I can test those builds on Win7 x86. Can also try to test on x64, but this will take more time (dual boot).

On the publisher note. Can we at least add a mention about Ignite Realtime in that info? Like

Publisher: Jive Software (Ignite Realtime org)

Hi Wroot,

the build is linked in my previous post. It is sufficient to check on one Win7 version.


12456 build - Win7 x86 - in the Program and Features windows it shows, About window shows 2.6.2. Works fine, at least messaging and simple gui things. I think build number should correspond the real build number.

12539 build - Win7 x86 - in the Program and Features windows it shows, About window shows 2.6.2. Works fine. This is the latest build in Bamboo.


I think the wrong “2.6.1” also popped up during install of 2.6.2 in the title of the install window. So when a user installs 2.6.2 the very first thing he sees is the string 2.6.1.

This is the same string that shows in the titlebar of the installer and in the Add/Remove programs window (i believe).

Both builds works fine on Win7 x64.