Spark 2.6.3 About Auto log in

In Spark 2.6.3 how can i remove the log in history at the rightside of tringle symbol?

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There is no GUI to remove saved logins. You can go to Spark profile, edit and delete lines starting with word “password”. But you can’t tell which one is which one, so you can just remove one at a time (when Spark is closed) or delete all of them and then enter new logins.

Will file a ticket for this, but don’t know when and who will implement this.


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Wroot thank you for your responce

I need more Answer or responce about this… Thanks

What exactly do you want? As i said there is no gui option for this. You can delete these entries in the file. Which on Windows is in c:\users\appdata\roaming\spark

wroot can you tell me pls. step by step where i go to properties file coz i can’t find the properties file on my spark… thanks

Exit Spark. Go to Windows Explorer and paste this into folder path field: C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Roaming\Spark\ , then press Enter. Of course, change the “your_user” part to your actual username. There you will find file. Open it with a text editor. Find a line which looks like:


Delete it and close the file saving it. Start Spark and check if one of the login entries disappeared. Repeat the process to remove other entries.

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Thank you Wroot i followed your instructions i tried it and its works now… but the saved log ins of the earlier used is still there, As you said there is no gui to removed the saved log ins… Its ok… Thank you…god bless you.

I have tested a bit more. Yes, the way i have described is only deleting a password. To remove a login from the list you have to go to C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Roaming\Spark\user and remove the corresponding folder. But this way you will delete any conversation history this user had. Also the password for this account would still be in the file.

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ok Thanks…