Spark 2.6.3 not showing all the online user

I have Openfire running on Windows and all the user are running Spark 2.6.3.

The problem I’m having is that some user are not showing up on Spark but when you log out and logged back in they show up.

I have uninstalled Spark and removed their profile, however, same issue.

Have anybody here have this problem and what’s the solution?



Are you using integration with LDAP? What Openfire version? It may be a problem with your server if it is running low on resources (memory).

Hi Wroot!

Yes, I’m using LDAP and the Openfire version is 3.9.3

Its running on a Dell PowerEdge server 2850 with 4GB of RAM.

It could be the memory since it’s maxing at 2.70. Let me see if we have more memory laying around and let you know if that fixes the issue.

RAM may not be a solution though. You are probably hit by this OF-830

Hi Wroot,

I read up on the LDAP disappear after some time and it seems like the patch didn’t work.

I was wondering if this is still being worked on since I noticed that status said it was resolved.

Thanks again for the help.

I think it will be worked on. But there was no update since the last report that it doesn’t fix the issue. You can help by testing the next build, when another patch will be applied.

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I had that problem too. I just installed beta version from here

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I think the problem was reported with various clients, not just Spark. Anyway, the latest version link ll4j/spark_2_7_0_666.exe

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