Spark 2.6.3 Tag


I’m looking to get a cut of the source code for Spark 2.6.3. I can see TRUNK and lot’s of tags but sadly not for 2.6.3. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance


Can anyone please help???


the release 2.6.3. was cut from the trunk rev 12556. I am not sure what you want to achive with your development, but I would advise to use the current trunk. It has some important fixes and redesigns. Patches or additions you are doing will not be easily adoptable to 2.7.0. Mircea has done large parts of code changes in Roster and preferences.


Thanks Walter and point taken for working with the trunk for adoption in 2.7.0.

Unfortunately I have a friend needing some trivial changes with regard to conference services ASAP. The aim is to be able to control the default conference service (when creating a MUC) and have more control over which ones are displayed. I’m going to have to patch 2.6.3 as a quick fix and then migrate again for 2.7.0 at a later date. I’d love to contribute my changes if they are relevant? This would be my first time contributing to an Opensource project. I also just built a nifty plugin to let you bookmark a conference from within a MUC too.

Many thanks again.