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Spark 2.6 B2 Questions

Does version 2.6 (B2 +) resolve the Windows Vista issues and work without any permission changes to the folder and disabling the UAC? I was curious what the status of this release is, I read soemthing about Nov 08’ but wasn’t sure if more work/testing was still being done and delaying the release. We seem to be stable (cept for a few troubled installs) and the performance hasn’t been an issue for any of our users. We only have 150 users, but overall the experience has been great (definately the best UI of all the clients I tested!!!) . Thanks for the wonderful FREE product and great UI!



What issue are you talking about? I mean, does it have a ticket filed in JIRA (bug tracking system)? Maybe it’s related to SPARK-949. I don’t think such issues were fixed in Beta 2. Though you can try Beta and find out by yourself.

As about work/testing and delaying the release, everything is a bit complicated. Right now the project is not very active, as the Project Lead is probably going to abandon his position (he is not working at Jive, just a community member), there is noone to replace him right now, and there is lack of support from Jive (so far only they can create a setup package for every release).

Thanks for the update, wasn’t aware of the status and the last few dozen threads I read were about updates/plans/possible adobe conversion of the project. I’ll keep this in mind and probably investigate alternatives if we end up need features unsuppored by Spark in the future.