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Spark 2.6 Beta Status


I am about to deploy Spark on 600 PCs in our call centers.

Is there any chance that Spark 2.6 will be released in the near future.

Or is Spark essentially an inactive project?

Should I be looking at SparkWeb instead?



The 2.6.0 code is going to see some changes in the next weeks as we (the community) have started to apply patches to the 2.6.0 tree again after some time of silence. I’d say the project woke up.

With respect to your installation of 600 PC’s I would recomment to use 2.5.8 as it runs very stable on my installation (5200 named accounts/1800 concurrent users) on OF 3.6.3. Our server plattform is Linux/MySQL with the clients running w2k, WXP and Mac OS. You may want to avoid an LDAP integration as there are some issues with that.


Hi Vance,

the current beta has some problems, so one will release 2.6.0-beta 3 before releasing 2.6.0.

TheThe specified item was not found. group did apply some patches which are not yet commited to the public SVN. So it may take quite long for 2.6.0 to be released.


Thanks Walter and LG,

Its good to know the project is alive.

Thanks for the status update.

I will roll with 2.5.8 and keep an eye open on the progress of 2.6.


Just to satisfy my curiousity? What are the issues reported with LDAP integration, and does this include AD integration? Thanks!


Apparently the use of LDAP and shared groups is not working. Can’t remember the bug in openfire. And I got the impression from the community entries that there might be some more issues with LDAP or an AD integration. If you want to use LDAP, expect some suprises and be happy if not. If you stumble across them you depend on patches that are not that likely.


Thanks for the reply.

At this point we only used shared groups with 5 AD groups, and thats it. There are no more planned. We also haven’t seen any bugs yet, so I’ll consider myself lucky and not expand to more groups. This will be rolled out to 1k people within the next couple weeks.