Spark 2.7.3 command line options for unattended installation \ upgrade Windows clients


I’m trying to automate the update Spark windows clients. New installation with -q parameter work fine, but if I trying upgrade existing installation - nothing happens. Installer support parameter (-varfile) for use response file, but I do not now how to make it.

Main question: How to do unattended upgrade existing installation Spark on Windows clients?

Additional question: Show response file example…

Thank you in advance!

There is no other options to install it unattended. How exactly are you trying to upgrade, with some script? What version you are trying to upgrade from. For me q switch works fine. But i only update 2.7.0 versions.

I’m using WSUS Package Publisher. You’re right, “-q” is enough! The problem was in the running process Spark. Added option to kill process if exist. Now work fine. Thanks for the answer! has a script that does kill spark.exe in the installation process. I’m sure it can be adapted to many other software deployment solutions, but not sure for WSUS.