Spark 2.7.x branding or customization

Hi @wroot,

Is there a document available to branding latest version of spark? I searched in the forum but all are pretty old documents with invalid links. I wanted to change the logo of spark and rename.

I can see a document in this link (Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Spark ) , To follow this document, I am not able to open Can any one help with or direct me to the correct document?


The source is now on Github. I haven’t done any customization of Spark, so can’t help with that.

igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

HI, No worry I got the solution. Referring here to help someone having same requirement

  1. Download Spark.exe, do not install it
  2. Run AppDeploy, select “Create a MSI…” and point it at the spark.exe you just downloaded, accept the rest of the defaults
  3. Launch Spark.exe from within AppDeploy and run through the installer, at the end of the install do not accept the option to run Spark
  4. Click “Next” to create second snapshot (post-installation), I accept the rest of the defaults, create a shortcut icon, and to cut a long story short, it completes and you have a nice shiny new Spark.msi in C:\Program Files\AppDeploy\Repackager\Packages - at this point all you have done is converted the .exe to a .msi, this is the first stage in customizing your Spark client install.
  5. Now go to C:\Program Files\Spark\lib and use 7zip to open the spark.jar file, some of the major configuration defaults can be found at C:\Program Files\Spark\lib\spark.jar\org\jivesoftware\resource\ - see this guide by Joe (with input from Church) for more info:
  6. Run AppDeploy again, this time select “Build packages based on existing recipe” and point to the spark.xml file in C:\Program Files\AppDeploy\Repackager\Packages, accept the defaults and click through the wizard, this will now create a new .msi file which contains your modifications.
  7. Test out you new .msi on another machine and check that your changes have stuck.
    Reference : Creating MSI Installer

Thanks, Shamjith.

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