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Spark Away timer not working in Windows 10

We have a couple of users that when they walk away from their computer or leave for the day do not get set to away mode. The things we have tried

  • uninstalling spark and reinstalling it
  • uninstalling spark deleting the spark folder in the AppData folder then reinstalling
  • Making sure that the temp folder has full permission (I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.)
    If you have any other ideas Please let me know.

in the preference menu, under login, please check that “idle enabled” is check.

That is checked and we are still having the issue

im starting to dislike windows 10! I’ll see if I can figure out whats going on, but it looks like im having the same issue. im not a dev, so it might take a while!

I’m not seeing this on Windows 10 latest Insider build (15048) and i think i saw a few of my users on Windows 10 as away recently (so it works). They use 1607 version. But i will check again later.

speedy, if you are using 2.9.0, then there is some bug in it (one of many) and it doesn’t switch to away on any OS…

We are running 1607. We have some that work and some that don’t. We had an issue of a program locking the temp folder but we got rid of that and these PC’s never seemed to come back from that. The computers that are doing it are the ones that are “regular” Builds so none of the other programs are doing anything to it or else we would have seen this as a company-wide issue. Let me know if you want or need any more information.

As usual, check the logs for anything relevant. C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs

yes…im playing with 2.9.x . I’ll fired up 2.8.3 and see what happens

There was nothing in the log files. Is there any other place that would be logging?

2.8.3 seems to work for me as well. Does the user go away when the screen is locked?

No. That was the way I was testing to see if they go to the away setting. I also set the idle time to 1 min.

So, i have tested today with one of our Win10 1067. It goes into Away when locking screen or after an idle time. Although when i first came there Spark was showing stale information in the roster (showing some users as offline and some as going into offline - bold red name) and until i have relogged it again it wasn’t going into Away when locking the screen.

I think we have figured it out and it has to deal with a jna- file or hsperfdata_ that is located in the temp folder. We deleted those folders and things seem to have started working correctly. We are currently in the process of testing, so far it has worked on the lock screen, and we are waiting for the user to not use their computer for a while to see if has worked or not. What exactly do those files do?

What is hsperfdata? - Quora