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Spark 2.8.3 becomes nonresponsive

I have a couple users (myself included) that Spark works during the business day but has to have the Spark background process restated first thing every morning. Currently we are on Windows 10 , version 1803. What is confusing is that this doesn’t affect everyone, just a select few. I have tried a reinstall of Spark (mine after a reinstall of Windows 10) and the issue is still there. Any suggestions anyone ?

Well, you could clear the logs and check them in the morning when Spark hangs. Not sure if it will show anything really useful. This might be Spark issue as it has lots of very old not optimized code and it is a Java application which usually like to eat memory and not be very responsive. Though it might be some Windows “feature” causing this issue as well. I don’t use Spark for such prolonged time. Btw, this is happeing after PC coming out of sleep or hibernate?

Error Logs:
There are a bunch of files, look through all of them, or just zip them all and attach here. Just don’t forget to delete all logs before leaving your PC at the evening, so only new errors will be in there.