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Spark 2.8.3 is going to 30% CPU usage when opening a chat

Hello there,

I’m having issues with a spark client which when trying to open a chat window the program freezes, and the CPU usage by spark goes to 30%, e the only way to interrupt this is killing the process by task manager. It occurs only for this particular user (user 1) trying to chat with another particular user (user 2). Other users in the same machine can chat with user 2, and in another machines they can talk with user 2 as well. We already exclude/include the user 1, change the work group and we are still facing the issue.
Does someone already have similar issues ou have an idea of how to troubleshoot this?

IT Support

This is probably because of a history file for user 2 being corrupted in user 1’s profile. If user 1 doesn’t mind losing history with user 2, you can try to delete (or move it somewhere) both history files at:
The files will be called user2@server and user2@server_current

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Thanks a lot! This solved the issue! I’ve deleted the history and then everything was back to normal. Do anyone knows why the history files got corrupted?

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I don’t have the details. But i think it mostly happened with older versions of Spark. So maybe this user had 2.7 or older version before and then it got corrupted. It can also be a result of PC crash/freeze if Spark was trying to save history at that point.

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