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Spark 2.8.3 Sending File

I’ve read from several thread in this community about sending file over spark 2.8.3. But many of them doesn’t successfully to do this. However, is there any prerequisite to do this with p2p networking? How I can configure to enable this feature?


File transfer is broken in 2.8 versions. There is a fix for 2.9.0 version, but it is not know when it can be released. If you really need file transfer, you can use 2.7.7 or try 2.9.0 nightly build and enable IBB transfers.


Version 2.9.0 are not stable. I’ve try that. Once the first chat comes, there appears as a blank messages.

When have you tried it? Also, can you explain it a bit more? There was a bug, when one symbol messages were showing as blank. It is fixed.