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Spark 2.9.0 before update smack 4.3.0

Hi! Does anyone have a spark 2.9.0 snapshot before the smack 4.3.0 update? the spark Version should be up to June 20, 2018.

4.3.0 update was in 589 build, which was built on July 6, 2018.
I only have saved installer for 513 build (April 22, 2018). So it will be missing these changes:

Download link

thank you very much @wroot
I hope with the release of smack 4.4.0 in Spark vcard and language will work.

Not sure about vCard. Translation issue is not related to Smack. It happened after i did a fix for a few translation files. It looks ok on GitHub or IntelliJ, but for some reason Spark can’t show it correctly. I have tried to revert these commits a few weeks ago, but it fails to revert. Someone with more Git knowledge should look into that. Anyway, it doesn’t seem Spark project will continue any time soon, so i don’t know about Smack 4.4.0.

I checked the work of this assembly, everything works fine. vcard is displayed, avatars too.
I understand that now there are no people who would be engaged in updating Spark, but you considered the option so far to stop at Smack 4.1.9 and release the update branch 2.8.x?

I’m not a developer, so i don’t know if it is possible to pick up some changes and apply them to older structure of 2.8 code and create a branch and how much time it would involve.