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Spark 2.9.3 some setting from default.properties doesn't applied

Hi.some setting from default.properties doesn’t applied.
The line doesn’t work:
here is the proof:

I found evidence on the internet it was working in 2.7 versions of Spark. The only thing i can find now is that when moving to Maven build for 2.9.0 this part got commented out for some reason. Not sure if @guus did it or it was already a part of this code he was copying from somewhere.
https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark/commit/6c64f5cba49b0a8a0ed32eaa68669804f3259f53#diff-fd1da965533d9cd2ac7578d17c871a2bde646cf0bfd9c36c8bffe0b09933d9d0R204 (it’s a huge PR, wait for it to jump to 204 line)

It was working in Spark 2.8.3.
Let’s wait his answer.

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