Spark 260 RC2 password reset login issue


Last week I upgraded to version 2.6.0 RC2 on my PC. I needed to do a mandatory password reset on my PC yesterday.

On logging into my PC today, Spark informed me my password was invalid but I was not able to change the password. Clicking in the password box got no response.There was nothing from any of the Spark login window functions that I could access that would allow me to change the password of my Spark login. My only recourse was to uninstall Spark and return to my previous version.

My OS is Windows 7 Premium, X64 with Service pack 1 installed. My login server is Windows 8 R2 with Sp1 installed.

I dont really need feedback to this but merely wanted to let the developers be aware to check/verify this as an issue and work a possible fix for it before offical release of 6.2.0.



Thanks for the report, recorded as We will check that and fix, if reproducable.

Do you use AD Integration or is Spark/Openfire storing the userid/password?

Can you provide a error.log?

Works in an environment that is Spark against Openfire for User/Password. Seems to be related to AD/Windows integration…

We do have opsfire server and I beleive it stores the user login.

I am unable to provide an error log as I uninstalled the RC version and when I did, the application deleted the log folder. I have since installed our prior version of Spark to be able to continue providing support for local users.


My instance had some interesting behavior as well. After reading this post, I changed my Windows password while logged in. Then I logged out/in and Spark (which is set to autologin at startup) successfully logged in withmy old password!

My copy of openfire (3.6.4) is integrated with AD. Does it store the passwords locally? If not is there a refresh interval I can adjust so password changes are reflected quicker?

Sorry, but I have no AD integrated OF around and no experiences with it. There is a report that AD integration works nicely (

Writing software without a test environment to work against and no error logs is impossible.