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Spark 3.0.0 Beta Feedback

Okay, I get you. Then you can release the release without Pade, we will wait until the problem with spaces is fixed. Is there anything I can do to help with the release of Spark?)

I can help you or someone else with the release. I just can’t do this myself. You can talk with Daryl (akrherz) and he does most of the job (change version, make changelog, produce installers, put them on the site). He can even do a blog post and he has a rather thick skin not to care about negative comments :slight_smile: Or you can do it once installers are up and he gave you SHA hashes.

  1. Remove Pade from the build. This is just commenting one line in pom.xml and it will not be included
  2. Mark as not fixed in ticket for Pade and remove 3.0.0 as fix version
  3. Work with Daryl to start the process of producing installers
  4. Post the blog post. Can use Beta release post and remove the Pade part.
  5. Watch the forums and reply to questions, complains and occasional congrats :smiley:

I can help you with first two, although you might try yourself. Do a PR and i will merge it. And i think you might have access changing tickets, so you can remove it from 3.0.0.

I have completed the first two points.
@akrherz Can you help us release Spark 3.0.0?

Of course, I can answer user questions, but you or a member of igniterealtime should write about the release.

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When in an environment that uses Roaming profiles, anything written to the C:\users*username*\AppData\Roaming folder follows the user. Anything in the …\Local or …\LocalLow folders are not. If these things need to be kept user specific, do they all have to be written to the Roaming folder? Is there a way to change which User folder is used? Or a way to make it so that in the Plug-in Manager, each Plug-in has an option to select “Roaming” or “Local” kind of like each one can be enabled or disabled individually.
Making the Pade Meetings plug-in work in this manor would be beneficial since it’s dataset is so large.
I have no idea if this is even possible, just some ideas to throw around. I haven’t given 3.0.0 a chance yet, but I am going to as soon as I get my test server set back up.

Hi guys!
Here is a preview of ClientControl 2.1.7 that can manage all plugins in Spark. Please try to use it and give feedback! =)
clientControl.jar (342.4 КБ)