Spark 6.0 Beta 1 bug - No Quick Lauch Shortcut/Icon Installed

After installing the latest Spark 6.0 Beta 1 client and using it I noticed a bug which I’m posting here:

Although the intaller offers the option to instal a Quick Launch icon, none is installed. Along with that option is also the installation of a desktop icon and that does work. For my testing, this was done in a Windows domain. I suspect that the “quick launch” path for a domain user varies from that of a local user and this is at the root of this bug.

This is a known bug, and for the record it’s Spark 2.6.0 not 6.0

oops 2.6.0 or course

I searched through the Open Issues list and did not find this listed

I can’t really say this is a Spark issue as such, it appears to be an Install4j issue. Although i will inquire about this.