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Spark "add as a contact" problem

Can anyone tell me if this is a known problem - I’m using Spark 2.6.0 Beta 1 on Windows. Back-end is Openfire 3.5.2, Red Hat Ent v5. We’re using LDAP for authentication, and shared groups for roster population. These shared groups are specific to users’ divisions and they can still add users manually as contacts from other divisions.

This is where the problem is - manually adding a contact using “Search - Add as a contact” seems to work, but then when you send that contact a message, nothing is received at the other end. I have the subscription service set to “accept all” - and the contact doesn’t show as Pending. If the contact at the other end then adds me as a contact, normal messaging is possible. It just doesn’t seem to want to deliver a message unless both sides have manually added each others’ contacts. Shared groups work fine from the outset.

Any insight appreciated,


It’s a normal behavior of a client without a Subscription plugin. Maybe this plugin cant work with LDAP accounts.

Strange, I’m sure this worked before. I’ve set the subscription plugin to “disabled”, so now users receive subscription requests which have to be accepted manually. Provided both sides accept , then messaging works normally. So it looks like a problem with the subscription plugin…