Spark and ActiveMQ

ActiveMQ only seems to work with Spark 2.0.0:

First question: Where can I download Spark 2.0.0 from?

Second question: ActiveMQ documentation states that Spark 2.5.X connects fine, but won’t open the Join Conference Room dialog… is there a work around to this? That is, can and if so, how do the latest versions of Spark work with ActiveMQ.

Third question: If the latest versions of Spark do not work with ActiveMQ… specifically… why?

Reference: -activemq-via-xmpp-and-query-browse-queues-u

Additional reference:


– Robert

  1. You can download many older versions by altering the download link. Don’t know what OS do you need, but here’s the link for Windows version 0_0.exe Just change exe to tar.gz if you need linux one, etc.

2/3. I have never heard about ActiveMQ before (seems like a platform for messaging and it has xmpp protocol support as well). And i can’t find any ticket related to it in Spark bug tracker, so no work around suggestions. Also, as i don’t have ActiveMQ server/setup i can’t test the latest Spark version with it. You can do it yourself with the latest 2.6.0 RC1 version from