Spark and Panda Anti-Virus

Hey all,

Just wanted to post up a quick FYI that I just ran into in my organization.

We use Panda Business Secure with True Prevent for our virus protection. (It’'s a great product if anyone is looking for a corporate anti-virus solution.)

I upgraded to the most recent version last week which is Panada Business Secure with True Prevent V 4.00.15 There were upgrades to the client engines that seem to have an interaction wtih Spark.

There is an element of Panda that is enabled when the setting to scan all e-mail clients, instead of just Outlook is enabled. This element is called pavlsp. According to Panda’'s Techsupport:

“When the email protection is set to all email clients, panda installs a filter that processes all internet traffic (the pavlsp). Some applications don’t like that.”

By default this setting in the Admin Console (for the entire organization,) is set to Outlook only. I like to set it to all clients just in case one of my users is “secretly,” using outlook express or another client for personal e-mail. (We have fairly relaxed policies as we’'re not a huge organization.)

Symptoms I saw were: as soon as Spark would send the authentication to the server, the process Spark.exe would immediately shut down. I don’‘t know if it’'s Panda terminating the process for being suspicious, or if Spark is failing.

If any of the developers would like to contact Pandas Corporate Tech Support they can be reached at:, and at 818 543 6998, for end user support is and 818 543 6901.