Spark and Phone Plugin


I just installed Spark 2.7.7 and Openfire 4.0.2. Spark shows a Phone plug-in and I enabled the SIP Phone Plugin on the server. But I don’t see any options for configuring this on the client side or making calls. How do I use that?

Also, is there a way to change the font size used for the main window, menus and contact list?

I think SIP plugin also needs an Asterisk server and won’t work on itself. @speedy can comment on that as he uses SIP.

You can change font size for contacts and text in the chat window in File > Preferences > Appearance. There is no setting for the menus text size.

Sparks sip phone is managed by a server side plugin. I think it can also be configured via a config file, but outside the server plugin, there is no gui for configuring it within the client.