Spark as an applet?

Is it possible to run Spark as a applet?



I think the closest thing is using JNLP/Web Start that required your server is up…

I current trying to get that to work.

Hmmm. Maybe we can get an “official” WebStart enabled application on every release of Spark. Would make things easier. I’'ll add that to the roadmap.



Thanks for the replies!

I’‘m not sure WebStart will fit my requirements at this point. I’'m pretty sure my customer wants the chat “windows” to show up in the browser. … But they might also want system-tray alerts for new messages

Thanks again,


Hi Bozmoz,

It’‘s funny you say that because I’‘ve been pondering the real world usage of a web based client. Here at Jive we created a simple web based client to work as the front end of a click to chat product, but I feel that many people, including myself, would find IM more or less an annoying tool without system tray support, etc. The idea of having to bring the browser into focus to blink the title bar is one of the most annoying browser features, although, it’‘s the only alternative (as far as I know), and having no ability to hide the browser into the system tray would seem a great way to accidently close my browser window Now, if there were a way to hide the browser window, the web based IM client would be heaven on earth for many users. I’'m not going to hold my breath though