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Spark at login - Unable to join room at this time

When I start Spark I get a popup alert:

Unable to join the room at this time.

The room you are trying to enter does not exist.

There is one conference room I have selected to join at login and it works fine.

This pop up also appears when I disable that room for auto join.

It is possible that I had selected auto join on another room in the past, problem is the alert has no info about what it is trying to do and I see nowhere to stop it from trying to join whatever room it is attempting.

The alert should have more info about what it is trying to do and allow me to stop it from doing whatever it is trying to do on next login.

And the question is how do I fix it now?

In your user.home/Spark directory. ex. C:\Documents and Settings\Derek\Spark. Delete the conferences.xml file and restart Spark. This will fix your issue.