Spark Auto-Login Does not well Auto-Login?

Hello Everyone,

I have several spark clients that are not auto-logging in even though they are set to auto-login. Is there something I can do to fix this?


Anyone have anything on this? I even put the spark exe short cut in the startup folder and still won’t on some machines, tried reinstalling, etc. Has anyone else seen this? I have a crying user that I’m about to take the computer from… so any help to stop the whining would be helpful.

Adding the username and password to a shortcut should help, even if this is a bad solution:

Spark.exe username=admin&password=admin&

Or are you using SSO?

Well I’m not passing information in a true single sign on, but it is tied into AD. I’ll give that a try… I’m assuming that would be in the startup folder correct?

The link can be placed anywhere, in startup if you want to login after boot.