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Spark automated start an login for Windows Client


i am totaly new at Openfire and Spark. Let me say, its a great work you do here!

I’ve installed an Openfire-Server on an Windows Server 2003 R2 machine. The server is up an works fine.

I use active directory for authenticating the users on the network. Now i want configure Spark that it starts after logging into the domain.

Is there anyway to post the username and servername (and the password would also be fine) directly to spark on startup?

Or some kind of default profile with the right settings for the client (e.g. userlist, servername).

The problem is, that i dont want to explain everyone how to login and fill out the form (in Spark startup screen).

I’ve searched the forum an also looked for an documentation but found nothing. Sorry if this question allready exists!

Thanks for help!


take a look at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/154079 for more than “Spark.exe username=foo&password=bar&server=example.com”. I did create Command Line Startup Options right now, so one should find it more easy. Any feedback is welcome.

As one can select Save password it may be wise not to add the password in the command line, especially if you are using AD / LDAP or SSO and the password is changed on a regular basis.