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Spark Away/Busy not working automaticly on one workstation

Doe anyone know what to check for when the away busy does not work automaticly on a workstation, we even tried the ltest build of Spark. For one user / machine reguardless oh how long the user is away their indicator never swiches to busy/away. Thanks!

Maybe some software on this PC is making activity. Is screensaver turning on automatically after idle time?

Screen Saver and lock screen work as they should.have looked but I dod not seem to find anything software wise that is running that would contribute to this.

You said you tried the latest build. Have you deleted plugins folder from this user’s Spark profile? Probably still not the case, but worth checking. Spark is not overwriting files in user’s profile if they exist, even if it has newer version in Program files.

yes we have removed all files and folders related to Spark and re-installed a freash instants of the software.