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Spark becomes unresponsive when asked to change nickname

we are using Spark based on 2.8.3 but with a modified fastpath plugin. We have a problem, if a spark user accepts an invitation to join a chat and the chat user has the same nickname as the spark user.
it looks like org.jivesoftware.spark.ui.conferences.JoinRoomSwingWorker catches an exception and if there is a name conflict calls JOptionPane.showInputDialog(…).
so far so good, except that the resulting modal dialog is blank it only shows the title there is no label input or buttons.
The user can not interact with the dialog so spark is essentially frozen and the only way to return control is to restart the application. The other user in the room has no idea what has happened.
I have attached a screen shot from a windows 10 machine.

there have been some changes in the latest branch but none that would apparently affect this behaviour.
Any advice would be appreciated

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