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Spark beta 4 (OS X): Available contacts don''t get listed in status bar

The status bar icon for spark which used to list the available contacts so you could quickly start a chat with them no longer lists my online contacts. It just says “Available Contacts”, and lists nothing as if no one was online.

Hi rparrish,

Hmmm. It used to be on the mac wasn’‘t. Well now, I’‘ll see if I can get that one fixed. BTW, do you use ctrl+f a lot? That’'s my saving grace.



Cool thanks.

Also i noticed that adjusting my status from the status bar is a little weird. I can change it any of the avaiable options (e.g. away) and my contacts see the update EXCEPT I can not change it back to ‘‘Avaiable’’ from the status icon (’‘Free to chat’’ works). In which case I can adjust it back to ‘‘Available’’ from the main spark UI and the my contacts receive the update.

Humm… What does Ctrl-F do ? ?:expressionless:

Ah, it maps to Cmd-F also as ‘‘Find’’ pretty nice - never have used it though, sorry.