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Spark beta freezing?

We’ve been testing the 2.5.8beta1 (Openfire 3. 3.1) via WIN and MAC and all seems to work fine EXCEPT i’ve noticed one thing.

The consistancy seems to be when i set my status to “out to lunch”, or whatever. After an hour or so of idle,

i can choose a contact, type a message, but the chat window will not recognize the Enter (send) request.

The cursor just blinks at the end of the sentence, so i have to close the window, log off/on.

Anyone else notice this glitch? Anyone? Anyone? Frye? Bueller?

Dont know if this is similar, but looks like http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/29521?tstart=0

i had the same issue once. it turns out that my messages were indeed getting sent (the perosn on the other end, after i restarted spark, why i had sent them the same message so many times.

haven’t been able to reproduce it, tho