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Spark can''t login to wildfire with non-ascii username(like Chinese)

This problem occour in all spark version in my experience.If username is ascii ,it works fine ,but If using non-ascii username,spark report Invalid username or password.

I ever report this problem in smack ,here’'s the link:http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=110397&#110397

I try in smack 2.2.1 today,using SASL is still not working,but using TLS it works.But when I copy smack*.jar from spark 2.0.8 ''s lib directory,the connection never start,it seems the lib is not the same in smack 2.2.1.

This try make me believe the problem is not smack because TLS is the default choice and it works,maybe is the spark transfer the wrong username to smack.

you can just try to use Chinese word ?? to test it.

Wildfire version is 3.1.1

spark version is 2.0.8

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this (using ISO instead of UTF-8) could explain why European user names also fail as reported in SPARK-381.

Hopefully it can be fixed soon, so I’‘d like to see more users vote for the issue. If you don’'t have already a JIRA account you may want to create one and vote for it.

Anyhow Smack 3.0.0.beta2 is a much more recent smack version, but as the problem seems to be a Smack and a Wildfire it’'s hard to fix.


I believe it is spark’'s problem,I use pandion using tls and ssl can login(thought not in wildfire 3.2)