Spark can't see or load Redfire plugin


I have a problem and I hope someone can help.

I am trying to get Spark working with the Redfire plugin on my own PC, however even though the Redfire plugin is in the c:\program files\Spark\plugins folder it never shows up in Spark. Initially it show up however I upgraded to the latest version, (stopped Spark deleted the jar file copied in new jar and restarted Spark), and it now wont show up at all. I have tried reboots, upgrade of Java, uninstall and reinstall of Spark, used various version of the Redfire plugin but none have fixed this issue. There is nothing in the Spark error log

OS Windows 7

Spark Version 2.6.3

RedFire Plugin Version 0.0.5

Openfire Version 3.6.4

Openfire Server OS Windows 2008

Any help would be great as I am pulling out my hair.

Thanks in Advance