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Spark change default settings in future releases

Hello community)
I have used many messengers Spark, Skype for Business, Outlook, Rocket.Chat, ICQ, and it seems to me that some of the default settings are not generally accepted.
I’ll give an example now:
-I think time till idle (min) should be changed from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
-I don’t understand why the sound is turned off by default. I think I need to play sound when new messege arrives.If the user has speakers, it would be great to get an audio alert.

Let’s talk about this, maybe I missed something else :slightly_smiling_face:

Although I’m happy to discuss defaults, I’m thinking that these are primarily personal preferences that are different for everyone.

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I understand, but the time in 1 minute is very short, a person can even sit at the computer without moving the mouse and typing nothing on the keyboard and it will be shown that he has moved away)
All messengers by default make a sound when a new message arrives, for example, we have a lot of people with laptops, and it would be more convenient for them if they could hear the sound of the message even if they are next to the laptop to pay attention.

@wroot what do you think?

I myself turned on the sound in Spark a long time ago. This is very convenient if I work with two monitors or if I connect to my work computer via RDP and can minimize the window.

I agree with Guus that this is not critical. On my last job i had a default config with preferences we wanted and it was distributed automatically for all new users. So, who wants to change it for all users, have options to do this. Users have options to personalize it as they want. There could be organizations that like current defaults and they don’t even do any customized configs. If we change defaults, this would break things for them. They would have to think about distributing new defaults. So, i don’t see much benefit in changing it. And nobody else seems to request this. I don’t have strong opinion on idle. Maybe changing it to 5 minutes is not a big deal. But again, we don’t know how other organizations rely on this. Personally i don’t like apps making sounds. I hate Skype sound :smiley: Don’t remember any of my users ever asking about enabling sound in Spark or why there is no sound. In most cases IM is not that critical to get notified by sound. And in cases where someone uses Spark for critical notifications (who would do that?) they have probably already enabled sound.

Many users do not go into messenger settings, I think that’s why no one asked to turn on sound in Spark, probably because they think that there are no sounds in Spark!)
Anyway I will make custom settings for my company(when I feel Spark 2.9.X release will become more stable 2.8.3) but I thought that many would agree with me,
On the forum, few people write about Spark, because it is open source, then people use the product as it is. :thinking:

The way i use sound and how i have seen others use it, is that sound is muted all the time and it only is on when you put headphones on for music or a call. The least i want at that point is for messenger to beep at me :slight_smile: Anyway, i think that a large portion of users just doesn’t care. And we don’t have a way to know the general opinion. Even if we would setup a poll here, only a few would vote. But as i’ve said we don’t know how many are actually ok and rely on current default with no sound.

If Guus and others agree on increasing idle time to 5 by default, i am ok with that. My opinion on sound settings is to leave it as is.