Spark chat history issue for certain user

Hello, One user is unable to see history of only one user while everyone else is able to check his history.
I have tried by re-installing both user’s spark and update it but didn’t work.
We are using Spark 3.0.1 and Openfire 4.7.4

Hello, very strange. Can you try Spark 2.9.4? Also, I think you need logs from Spark 3.0.1 and write the username of the user whose history is missing.

Basically, We were using Spark 2.9.4 at that time(when faced issue for the first time) but we upgraded(Spark 3.0.1) to resolve this issue. However, It didn’t helped.
And there is no logs only of there(Both users) conversation.

this may be caused by a corrupt transcript file. you could try deleting it( back it up of course), and restarting spark.

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Yes, The transcript file of that particular user is corrupt. Now issue has been resolved.
Thankyou for your support!!