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Spark chatroom configuration bug

Spark doesn’t appear to correctly handle multi-value list fields in chatroom configuration. To reproduce with Spark 2.5.4:

  1. Enter a new chatroom on an Openfire server.

  2. Verify in the admin console that all three roles are selected for “Roles for Which Presence is Broadcast”.

  3. Right-click in the text pane and select “Configure Room”.

  4. Look at “Roles for Which Presence is Broadcast”. Notice that none are checked.

That’s the basic bug. Some additional oddities:

  1. Click Update. Notice in the admin console that the presence roles did not become unchecked. Odd, but perhaps the configuration dialog doesn’t propagate changes to fields the user didn’t touch.

  2. Configure the chatroom again. This time, check “moderator” and “participant” for roles to broadcast, and click update. Verify in the admin console that (as expected) the roles were updated as specified.

  3. Configure the chatroom yet again. Notice that the visitor option has disappeared entirely, and that the participant and moderator roles are unchecked. This appears to be another bug.