Spark cklient, Red5 and secure video/audio

Is it possible and if so would anyone be good enough to provide some pointers?

I have Spark client running with Red5 and audio/video is working but the connection is done over http to port 8080 which as far as I am aware is not secure.

I have tried to set the SSL port under the ‘HTTP bind settings’ page in the openfire servers web interface, and although it seems to get set, whenever I restart the openfire server the SSL port is reset back to 0. If I can get this set then I assume I would also need to change the way the red5-plugin.jar handles things as it would need to have it connector port changed. How can I set up the SSL http bind?

Any suggestion are welcome.

Assuming you get SSL working for http–bind, then you may have to modify the spark red5 plugin as it uses http:// to fetch the red5 web applications from openfire over the http-bind port.

In future, you might want to start red5 discussions in the red5 space to get a response.

Thanks for replying Dele

I have the Spark client working well on a windows machine with Red5 but my main machine is Debian. I have found that the jdic.jar library is a bit of a nightmare as it fails to work with Linux Mozilla, this is the link to that information:

I have therefore gone with video enabled red5.war you pointed me to in this post:

I haven’t managed to get HTTP Bind SSL working in openfire yet and that is the next thing I will be looking at (I do have SSL on port 9091 though).