Spark client and folder redirection

Some of our users have been complaining about the Spark client not showing when opened. The process appears to be running but the application does not show on the desktop or in the system tray.

I was wondering if anyone knew why this would be happening.

These machines are running Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) and the users are on a group policy that redirects the AppData, Documents, and Desktop folders in their User folder. Spark is at version

We have another set of users who are not on this redirection policy . They do not seem to have this issue, which is leading us to believe it’s folder redirection that is causing this.

No solution so far, but here’s another recent thread about this issue Spark does not open with folder redirection

Alright, I’ll follow that thread too and see if something pops up.

I wonder if the permissions thing is what’s doing it…

Interestingly enough, the user that started that discussion is in the same department as me. It doesn’t look like we’ve made any headway with the advice posted over there though, as the same group of users are still having the problem.

So finally go around to testing this on a workstation.

I enabled folder redirection on both documents and app data.

verified redirection (windows 7 and windows 8.1)

I launched Spark, with admin account - success

launched with non privileged account - success

Unfortunately, under a vanilla setup, I’m unable to reproduce your issue.

Alright then.
Hopefully we can pin down what’s causing this issue over here.

you’re likely hitting a permissions issue or something. shoot me a pm if you’d like to webex the issue.