Spark client bug

This is a minor issue but I thought I would ask if people have noticed it and/or have a fix/workaround. I have just started testing OpenFire 3.10.2 (running on a Windows Server 2003 Std VM) along with Spark 2.7.1 running on Windows 7 machines. One thing I have noticed is that we sometimes have issues with the server which causes the clients to disconnect. When the clients manage to reconnect, all of the offline users in the contact list get doubled up and this will keep happening each time the connection is lost (if the client looses connection 8 times, then there will be 9 entries for the same offline user). These extra entries do not disappear if you uncheck “Show Offline Users”, they do not get grouped in to the Offline Group when you select that option and the only way to get rid of them is to restart the Spark client. Has anyone else seen this?

I have seen reports about this problem, but haven’t experienced this myself (doubling of offline users). That’s probably because we don’t have many connectivity issues. When i do maintenance restart of a server my Spark reconnects just fine and doesn’t mess up offline users.

have the same problem when restart server or network

Go to Preferences > Appearance and change the bottom setting “Specify reconnection display:” to Display in contact group. With this option offline users doesn’t double after the reconnect.

I have filed this bug as

And will also try to change the default to Display in contact group so less users will have this issue

That worked, thanks!