Spark Client - Disable "Check for updates"?

For the Spark Client (v2.6.3), is it possible to disable the “Check for updates” feature? We would like to prevent users from upgrading their Spark client version once it is installed on their desktop.

This is already disabled on the server side:

Server Settings --> Manage Updates:

* Disabled - Administrators will have to manually verify for server of plugin updates.

  • Disabled - Administrators will not receive notifications when new updates are available.

– Leland

There’s an option for that in under \src\java\org\jivesoftware\resource . I would recommend extending with your own variables. And then you just add these lines

import org.jivesoftware.resource.Default;

if (!Default.getBoolean(Default.SOMETHING_DISABLED)) {

// the something you want disabled


I cannot find the “” file. Perhaps this is not available to me since the Openfile installation was via RPM: openfire-3.7.0-1.i386.rpm

Other thoughts?

– Leland

It’s client-side in Spark, not server-side in OpenFire.

First, you have just disabled notifications for admins about server upgrades at Server Settings --> Manage Updates. This doesn’t affect Spark upgrades.

Second, as Patrick said, there is no simple option to disable this option by default. But there is a bit complex solution. Read this doc about editing which is stored inside the Spark.jar file in Spark/lib folder. In the attached guide it shows how you can disable Update check in Help menu. Not sure about the checkbox in the Preferences. Probably it should disable the update option all together. But, you will have to create such custom spark.jar every time new Spark version is released and deploy this custom spark.jar to all the clients. Too much hustle, in my opinion. I prefer giving only limited rights to users so they won’t be able to install anything, so there is no harm to have update check working as long as they won’t be able to install the update.