Spark Client Fedora9 64-bit won't run

I have a Fedora 9 Linux client that I am testing the Spark 2.5.8 client with. I have OpenJDK 1.6 and when running the Spark executable I get ls: cannot access /home/username/Download/Spark/lib/windows: No such file or directory. It looks like an issue recognizing the operating system, though I don’t know why a linux client config file would have a windows reference in it. There is no lib/windows directory in the client.

Have you tried Spark 2.6.0 Beta 1 on the Spark BETA downloads page? It may fix your problem.

No that produces the exact same error.

It’s a problem with the bundled Java Runtime Environment. Remove the subdirectory “jre” from the extracted Spark client. My assumption is that the bundled JRE is for 32-bit Linux only. The error about lib/windows is totally spurious, and appears regardless of which JRE is used.

Perhaps the Spark packagers should take this as a suggestion not to bundle the JRE with Spark, since Java is available on most/all Linux distributions which can run it.

Thanks removing the JRE directory solved the issue. The lib\windows path was a red herring as I still see it.