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Spark client list does not refresh

I have Openfire connected to my AD server using the LDAP settings. Everything is working fine except two users are not being removed from the contact list in the Spark client.

The two users in question are no longer showing in the user list of the admin server console, so openfire is communicating properly with my AD server via the LDAP settings configured. However the Spark client is still displaying them in the contact list.

I’ve tried logging out of Spark and back in, but that doesn’t work and I’ve even restarted the Openfire server.

I’m running Openfire 3.8.1, Spark 2.6.3 on a Centos 6.3 server.

Any help to get these users removed would be great.

Thank you

Try the latest nightly beta build:


Also make sure your users are not adding these accounts to their personal contact list… i do not think openfire can remove users that have been explicitly saved. If they are users being deliverd to your contact list from an Openfire group, then i think it should be automatic.

Majority of my users use Spark to its simplest form, which is a chat system.

In my environment everything is automatic and I never had this problem before.

All users and groups are added to openfire via LDAP integration to my AD server. As noted the two users in question don’t show up in the user list or in any groups in openfire as they have been removed from my AD environment.

So openfire is communicating correctly with my AD server through the LDAP integration, it is that spark is not refreshing itself correctly with the openfire user/group list.

Is there anything else I can try besides using a daily build of Spark? These kinds of builds tend to be very buggy which in a business environment I want to stay away from. Is there no way for me to force a resync between spark and openfire?

I would try deleting those contacts manually in Spark first. In case they are indeed local copies.

Then you can try wiping out Spark profile for users, who have those contacts showing up. History will be lost (you can just move that profile to some place and then copy transcripts folder into the newly generated profile)


The last thing i would do when nothing works, i would delete the user with defected contacts in the roster. But i’m not sure if you can do anything with the AD imported users. Maybe you can at least go into this user’s Properties in the Admin Console, check its roster and try to delete contacts from there.

2.7.0 “nightly” builds (actually they are only built after changes to the source) are in my opinion more stable than 2.6.3 It contains a few memory leak fixes. Of course, it may look and work a bit differently than 2.6.3 (new features, changes), so you should test it first.

OK this is so weird… for days the two contacts were there and now I check my system and about a dozen others and the contacts have no disappeared from Spark.

But thank you for the adidtional information about how to fix this without re-installing updating. Atleast I’ll know what to do should it happen again.

As for the nightly build I will test it on my system for a bit and see.

Again thank you everyone.

sounds like you scared openfire into behaving