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Spark client localization (l10n)


I’d’ like to deploy Spark in my organisation. I’m trying to find a localized (czech) version of Spark with no success. Also I didn’t found any information about localization.

My question therefore is:

  1. if there exists czech (or any other language) version

  2. if no, is there any possibility to do the translation (I can do it, but I don’t know how)

  3. if no possibility to translate, I’d like to ask if there is planned internationalization (i18n) of Spark

Thanks for your answers and/or suggestions.

With best regards,


Dont have much time now. But i will suggest more later, if you have any questions. First check C:\Program Files\Spark\lib\spark.jar\i18n\ (yes, inside of the spark.jar). There are some localizations. You should edit EN file (it’s better to edit SVN version though, as there is more ocmmands and menu options than in last stable or beta version) and save it as your location i18n file. Also this file should be coded in unicode. I’m using Netbeans to compile Spark, and i can edit language files there as simple text and Netbeans converts them to unicode automatically.