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Spark Client Login Problem

Hello All

I am new to this so please bear with me. I have just setup the Openfire

server but when the spark client tries to login it just sits there with a pending

message on the screen. Do I need to do something on the server side besides

setup the account??? I have looked on the server for some sort of login permission

for the clients but don’t see one. This is a win install on both ends. What I am missing???



What do you mean by “pending” message? Does it hang on the login screen or does it shows Roster window and doesnt load the contacts? Maybe it shows error message when you try to login? What do you put in Username and Server fields in the login form? You can try putting your server’s IP in Server field if your server’s name is not resolvable by your client PC.

Hi wroot

After reading your replay & looking around a bit more I installed the registration plugin.

(everything works).

I will be checking the sip plugin next. Thanks Again for your reply.