Spark clients constantly reconnecting. Why?

I am running newest version of Openfire on Linux Mint 17. I have the server configured to use AD via LDAP and have tested connections. I can perform a constant ping to the server from clients and there is no latency (connection avg <2ms), no dropped packets. Yet the Spark clients cannot sustain a connection to include even doing a search.

Anyone have thoughts?

Usually Openfire and Spark write log files. Posting them here after removing any sensitive information may help.

I installed openfire 4.0.2 on Ubuntu Server 14.04 using the .deb provided by

I had the same behavior. I solved it by using openjdk-8.

The reason why I did that was because in warn.log there was message stating a java.util… something does not exist. IIRC triggered by “mina”

Even if the .deb package requires openjdk-7, is openfire still supported on java7 or does it requre java8? Or was the .deb compiled with java8 and target 1.7 option but with java8 bootstrap classpath?

[OF-1115] Deb package shouldn’t require Java 7 dependency - IgniteRealtime JIRA

[OF-1116] Java 7 incompatibility - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Didn’t work for me. Clients can never connect, it just sits in the reconnecting loop.