Spark conference

Spark conference rooms are not visible in the list. Yesterday joined a new user and when I want to set up her rooms, we can not list the conference list.

spark version:2.7.6

Any idea?

You have to explain it better. I cannot understand what exactly you don’t see. If that were temporary rooms (not persistent) created in Spark, then they are gone when every user leaves the room. If the rooms were persistent, then maybe they were not set to be discoverable (an option “List room in Directory” in admin console).

She can not list the conference room, but I made it and I can see in my Spark.


and mine:


For some reason she doesn’t have a conference service added. You can try adding it manually. Put in theupper field and press the “+” button.

Where can I put it upper filed?

Right below the “Add conference service”

“Unable to locate the conference service”

Are you sure you are logged into the same server? Is her login settings similar to yours? Are you logging in from the same location? Can you both see same contacts? You can also check her errors.log (c:/users/user/appdata/spark/logs on windows).

Okay I added conference service and worked, but before Spark joined by default for the where can I set it again?

I don’t understand your question. Spark should add a conference service automatically on first login.

Yes I know, but sometimes it should not do. Do you have any idea?

No, i don’t have any idea. Never have noticed such issue myself. But if there are something different about how she logs into the server (my message here Nr. 7), maybe that’s the reason. Maybe she has something else as a server and the server is actually set in the host field in the Advanced menu. Maybe this is some networking issue and she wasn’t able to connect to a server properly when logging in for the first time. Maybe your Openfire server’s conference service wasn’t available at that point. Or maybe she accidentally has deleted the service.