Spark connectivity problem

I just setup OpenFire on a server in the last three days for a test evironment in my organization. During the first day of testing and again today we have experienced problems wherein Spark will show that it has been disconnected and is attempting to reconnect. Sometimes it does it on its own, more often it does not. And it is across the board of users who are currently logged onto the server.

When I loged onto the Openfire server this morning after it happened again, it showed that the server has been continuously up for more than 20 hours, but in checking it showed no current sessions other than my own, which I had manually restarted. Before the disconnect happened there were eight or ten sessions showing on that screen.

I don’t have a clue as to where to look for ideas on what is causing this problem or how to resolve it. I would greatly appreciate any guidance that the community might have to offer.

Thanks in advance.

Craig Christiansen