Spark Contact issue

We have a new Openfire 3.10.2 server running, and are testing the Spark client on Windows. We have an issue where several folks in the roster show offline to the other users even when online. We don’t see this issue in Pidgin or a a few other clients. Even with a reinstall the problem does not seem to go away. Any ideas?

Don’t have such issue at our company. Today i have checked most of the offline users and all of them were actually offline. Using Spark (one of the post 2.7.2 builds, myself on a post 2.7.3 build). We are using shared groups. Are you using them or adding users manually or pulling from AD?

Folks are mostly on 2.7.2 and 2.7.3. We are pulling from AD, but allowing users to create their own lists.

This might be AD related then. We don’t use AD integration here.

I don’t think so. Other clients don’t have the issue, just spark.

I meant this is Spark’s issue related to AD. Anyway, as i’m not using AD i can’t even test this properly and it would probably be too complex for me to fix (not a programmer myself). And there are currently no active developers working on Spark. So you should probably stick with Pidgin or some other client.