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Spark - Contacts Blank

We have a few clients that do not show any of the contacts in their list. They are online and we can see them, they just cannot see anyone else. It was working and then it stopped. Any ideas why?

If you dont care about the settings and history, then you can stop Spark and delete the whole C:\Documents and Settings\User\Spark folder of such user. Then login again. 2.6.0 Beta 2 should have less such problems.

I tried that and it still shows up blank.

Are you using Shared groups? If yes, i you sure these users has any group shared to them? Can you try adding contacts manually, can you then see them and do they stay after Spark restart?

Yes, I am using shared groups. I have it set to share with all users. No it does not keep the contacts I add. I am using the version you stated above. Tried using 2.5.8 as well same thing.

You can try deleting one of the problematic users from the Users list in Admin Console and recreate it again. Maybe soething wrong is with their rosters stored on the server.